December 3, 2012

When a business decides on a software, they usually send some of their staff to ‘Essentials” training.  This is a great step, afterall, they have made an investment and getting initial training is important to better utilize the software and get the maximum value of your investment.
If you have been to an Essentials course, be it Inventor, Revit or any other software, you know that it is a lot of information.  You need time to integrate all the new features and learn how to get things drawn.  After some practice though, you will be using those skills and realizing the value of new tools.  However, maybe you work with specific materials or work with other restrictions that were not covered in detail at the Essentials training.  Where do you learn that?
Here at Synergis we know design goes beyond the abc’s and not everyone fits into a box when it comes to advanced training.  That is why we offer specialty courses on a wide variety of specific topics so that you can attend a class that is focused on your needs.  Check out our courses and online schedule.  This month we are offering beyond the Essentials with:
Inventor Cable & Harness Design in Quakertown, PA on December 18 & 19
Inventor Sheet Metal Design in Quakertown, PA on December 12 & 13 or January 21 & 22
Inventor Weldments in Quakertown, PA on December 14
So click on one of the classes above for the course description or see our schedule to request a quote.  Or see our ROI on Training whitepaper too see the benefits of training.