November 29, 2012

When it comes to Autodesk tips and tricks, our Solutions Engineers are here to help!
Bill McKown, recently joined our team as an AutoCAD and visualization expert and has already contributed video tips, live webcast topics and even a blog post.  Our customers and our team have been keeping him busy, however, he still managed to get a couple new videos complete.  Here, in these videos, he talks more about some tricks in AutoCAD to help your workflow and expedite the design process.
AutoCAD Rectangular Array Command
[wpvideo 0CpfiHO3]
This video demonstrates how to create an array of chairs for a venue.  Learn to customize the rows and columns for maixmum density.
AutoCAD Scale and Rotate
Learn to take a plot plan and use the reference options to properly scale and rotate the image in order to trace over it.

Are there features that you struggle with?

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