November 26, 2012

Synergis has the experts with the answers.  Need a feature review, have a question on how to design something?  Ask us!  Contact us at with any of your questions and we will work on a video to answer your questions or find easier solutions.
We have an on-going SynergisCAD YouTube Channel with a special series on Revit Tips.  New on the channel, Bill Knittle, Building Solutions Engineer, reviews Revit’s analysis, collaboration and parameters. Check these out:

Revit Tech Tip 24 – Pushing Revit’s Analysis Capabilities:

This video explores how simple modifications to content and combinations of existing features aid in analyzing MEP systems like Storm Water that do not have built in analysis tools.

Revit Tech Tip 23 – Proper Collaboration Tools and Techniques: 

This video explores collaborative design iterations between an Architect, Lighting Consultant, and Electrical Engineering Consultant using Revit’s original Copy/Monitor and Coordination Review tools as well as, its relatively new Reconcile Hosting and Coordination Settings tools.

Revit Tech Tip 22 – Understanding Revit Parameters: 

This video explores the differences between System, Project, Family, and Shared parameters and their purposes within Revit families and projects.
[wpvideo i2X4YDgi]
See our SynergisCAD YouTube Channel for more videos and tips.  If you have any questions you would like to see answered, contact us!