September 26, 2012

For this entry, we’re going to provide you with a guaranteed way of reserving your licenses. In the past users struggled with the building options file to control their licenses. In this instance, we’ll discuss the use of SIGN for reserving suite licenses.
SIGN is a character set within the license which is unique to a given license as a whole. If you were to review your license file, you will notice multiple SIGN sections and you may ask, which one is the right one. Autodesk recommend using the first SIGN within the PACKAGE grouping, or, if you are not a subscription customer you should use the first SIGN section under the INCREMENT grouping of the license. Because the SIGN section is unique, we can use it to reserve suite licenses. Let’s get started…
We’ve gotten use to reserving licenses using the following syntax:
RESERVE [count] [productfeature] [type] [name]
RESERVE 5 60100ARCHDESK_2009_0F GROUP EngineeringGroup

In the syntax above, “60100ARCHDESK_2009_0F” for suite licenses represent a component of the PACKAGE group:

You cannot reserve an individual component/feature from your suite license; you will need to reserve the entire suite. Some would think to reserve all of the components or the Package feature itself (85787BDSPRM_F) to reserve the entire suite license, but doing so will not work successfully. To reserved, Include, exclude, and other syntax for managing your suite licenses you can use the following:
RESERVE [count] [COMPONENT] [:] [SIGN] [group] [name]
RESERVE 5 85787BDSPRM_2012_0F: SIGN=”1352 03CA 597E 74FC 12A8 \
42D4 5372 4752 7617 B9A9 78AD ACAB 1AB5 6256 35E9 07CC AC43 \
0580 8CDA 3545 488B 47DA AA73 DC11 8712 D875 916F 4292 B88D \
GROUP architecture_group

Using the SIGN section to reserve licenses will indeed reserve the entire suite license.
For addition help controlling network licenses using an options file, use the license below:
Up and Ready post on controlling licenses through an options file:
Now you can save your license so you can work when you need to.
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