September 4, 2012

In my 20 years of supporting and training Autodesk products the one thing I have noticed and wondered about the most is “How do they survive without good templates?” It amazes me how companies can be profitable or efficient without them. OR maybe they have some form of a template but it is really useless! I’m not just talking AutoCAD here folks! This includes REVIT and Civil 3D as well.
So why is that so amazing to me? Let me explain by asking all of you a few questions.

  1. When you begin a new drawing or project file, do you have to do anything to “set it up”?
  2. At any point during the design process do you have to insert things, create new layers, set up the drawing sheets, etc.?
  3. Do your drawings look different from project to project or even drawing to drawing within the sets?
  4. Are you having trouble enforcing standards?

If you answered yes to any of the 4 questions then you NEED GOOD TEMPLATES! They may take a little work, discussions with other team members and approval from management, but the time spent will be well worth it! You will love what they do for you.
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Questions on templates, contact me. We are here to help!
-Jim Law
Jim recently moved into a new role as a Project Manager for AEC Solutions, overseeing implementations, custom training and assessments for Synergis customers. He has been training and supporting Autodesk applications for over 19 years. He started on release 9 and is efficient through the current release. He has “graduated” almost 3000 students in his long career, having taught everything from AutoCAD LT to 3D Modeling, Custom Courses on the Sheet Set Manager to Dynamic Block creation.  See more about Jim Law on LinkedIn.