August 17, 2012

Cadalyst RatesAutodesk Inventor 2013 brings new features, most notable additions appear in Cadalyst in July. Bill Fane, contributer, focuses on how the user interface now is more representable of AutoCAD which means that if you have been hesitating to move to 3d, it just got easier for you. The new Inventor Welcome Screen makes it easy to Work (go direct to a drawing or create a new one), Learn (interactive videos to gover ‘Getting Started and also access to user suport and training) and Extend (connect to the Autodesk Exchange for add-on apps or to access Autodesk 360).
The second reason Cadalyst recommends Autodesk Inventor is the multiple Cloud-based features. Now you can use the Cloud with your software to store your designs and access them from anywhere with Internet, to collaborate with others and to utilize Autodesk 360’s computational power for extensive operations like rendering and Stress Analysis.
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