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“You can't buy passion, which is what everyone at Synergis has when it comes to Autodesk products and the service to us, the customers. I wish we had more vendors like that.”

Bill Henry, First Quality Products, Inc.


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Autodesk Academic Partner, Autodesk Certification

Synergis is here to help you better prepare your students for the technological challenges of the 21st century.  We’re an Autodesk Authorized Academic Partner with a breadth of educational support and experience other software resellers can’t match.  As an Authorized Education Partner we're an approved Certification site and certified to provide e-learning courses.
Autodesk announced in a press release in May 2014 that it is moving to a “no-fee model” on all education software used in classrooms (effective June 7, 2014) and is offering free software licenses on the majority of Autodesk software.  This is great news, as it means educational institutions will no longer have to pay for Autodesk products and licenses for the classroom or for instructors. 

While you will no longer engage with Synergis to purchase your education software, our long-term relationship with schools and your success in installing the software is very important to us.  As such, Synergis will be offering multiple options for service and support that all schools can elect to purchase.  While there is a charge for these services, we have established special pricing in alignment with current Autodesk software budgets so we can continue to provide support to you and ensure a seamless transition to this new model.  
Additionally, as an Autodesk Platinum Partner, we are able to provide products and support for Autodesk licenses being used outside the classroom, in areas such as facilities management.  
Educational Offering
Free Software Download
Software only -no installation or support*  Download from the Autodesk site
*With this option, all support (including installation and activation) is direct with Autodesk through an online portal.
No Fee
Synergis Virtual Install Protocol (VIP) for Schools
  • Option 1 – Free Software License Download
  • Installation Phone support – 90 days
  • Remote installation of downloaded software on up to 2 workstations
  • Activation of license server
Synergis Annual Helpdesk Support Contract Only
  • Option 1 – Free Software License Download
  • Helpdesk Support Contract - telephone support between the hours of 9-5 PM EST, Monday through Friday
  • One year renewable contract
Synergis Annual Helpdesk and VIP Support Contract
  • Option 1 – Free Software License Download
  • Option 2 - Synergis VIP for schools
  • Option 3 - Annual Helpdesk Support Contract
Synergis Onsite Installation Support Only
  • Option 1 – Free Software License Download
  • Installation Phone Support – 90 days
  • One-day, onsite installation of downloaded software on up to 2 workstations during onsite visit.
  • Initialization of remaining workstations in classroom labs
  • Activation of license server
For Options 2 – 5, please contact John McCarten, your Education Specialist at Synergis at 215-302-3045 or email  In order to receive the above pricing, and to reserve service dates before school starts, please contact John to order as soon as possible.

In addition to the installation and support options outlined above, Synergis offers special services for educators and technology coordinators including training on the various Autodesk applications (classroom, virtual and on-demand options available).   For further details on any of our offerings and to discuss your school’s specific needs, please contact John McCarten.

On behalf of the Synergis team, we appreciate your commitment to STEM in the classroom and look forward to the opportunity to provide services to ensure a smooth transition to this new Autodesk Software license model.
To take advantage of Autodesk's free software for students, educators and institutions, visit the Education Community, to find information, videos, and answers.